Operation Icarus
Anonymous launch Operation Icarus: A month-long campaign against global banking

Anonymous claim Operation Icarus has successfully launched DDoS attacks on eight international banks, shutting down the official websites.

The hacking collective Anonymous has already launched one successful campaign they called Operation Icarus against banks and has more planned. It started with the Bank of Greece.  The hacker group, joining hands with Ghost Squad, has claimed to have launched DDoS attacks on eight international banks, shutting down the official websites.

Members of the secretive collective on Tuesday successfully hacked the Bank of Greece, an unidentified official at the bank told Reuters. According to the official, the hackers were able to take down the Bank of Greece website, but it only “lasted for a few minutes.” The bank’s security systems prevented any data leaks, the official told Reuters.

In the YouTube video, Anonymous said that its attack on banks is an extension of Operation Icarus, a campaign the collective previously launched against Wall Street. It’s now bringing it back over the next month.

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, the Central Bank of Maldives and the Dutch Central Bank were briefly offline on 6 May, while the National Bank of Panama and the Central Bank of Kenya were reportedly taken offline a day later. The Central Bank of Mexico and the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina were also brought down by a DDoS attack.

However, it seems that pretty quickly, all the websites of the banks hit by the hacktivist collective appear to be up and running. In a video posted on 4 May, warning the banking community of their impending cyberattack, Anonymous said: “We will not let the banks win, we will be attacking the banks with one of the most massive attacks ever seen in the history of Anonymous.”

Operation IcarusStill, Operation Icarus was an ominous threat that could have an impact on banks across the world. Indeed, an apparent Anonymous member said in a video posted to YouTube that members of the hacking collective have decided to attack “central bank sites across the world.” While the video didn’t say which bank websites would be attacked, it was noted that the campaign would last 30 days. Anonymous is one of the most well-known hacking collectives in the world. The collective has no structured organization and members participate in different operations whenever they like.

While the video failed to explain exactly why Anonymous members are deciding to attack central banks around the world, the group said that there is a “global banking cartel” that is capitalizing on the hard work of others. The video ends with an ominous threat: “Global Banking Cartel, you’ve probably expected us.”

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