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Cloud Security is an overwhelming concern for enterprise

Cloud Security is often stated as one of the biggest hurdles to adoption by enterpise

While cloud services have an obvious upside, cloud security is an overwhelming concern for enterprise security folks.  The rise of shadow IT is also a massive challenge, particularly for SMBs with small or non-existent IT teams.

Amit Sharma, one of Technavio’s lead analysts for cloud computing research, said: “Cloud computing services enable rapid deployment and provisioning of IT infrastructure based on changing needs. Enterprise needs to meet day-to-day computing requirements encompass rapid scalability and deployment.”

Cloud Security – How can enterprises protect themselves technically from being hacked?

Donald A. Purdy Jnr, chief security officer at Huawei Technologies USA, says.. It is impossible to eliminate all risk of being hacked. However, there are a number of things that the leadership of an organization should do to appropriately manage the risk that is customized for the risk posture of that organization.

It starts with an organization-wide commitment by the board of directors (if there is one), senior leaders, and senior managers to manage privacy and security risk as part of their enterprise risk management programs.

Cloud service allows many small and medium enterprises to provide their services online at a low cost. Also consumers can benefit greatly from this technology. The industry and regulators are now looking at what is to be regulated – where data is located, jurisdictions through which data passes or is received, where the keys are held from which access can be obtained, what rights do the owners or subjects of the data have?

Who has the authority to regulate and to what extent, and how can the regulations be informed, realistic, and effective?  How can law enforcement and regulators reconcile and coordinate between and among jurisdictions that have overlapping or concurrent authority? These are all pressing issues we need to tackle in joint collaboration.

Regulation of cloud security will presumably assist the SMBs too as they do not have the resources of the large enterprises set up and police risk management programs.

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