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Securing the cloud isn't getting any easier

A new cloud security report from Skyhigh Networks reveals risky employee behavior, difficulty detecting threats and failure to enforce governance

Securing the cloud has always been a key challenge for enterprise security teams.  It always seems to top the CIO list of things to do.  The cloud security report examines the YoY rise in workplace cloud usage, resulting in security and compliance lag as companies fail to proactively address emerging risks.  Companies specifically struggle with securing employee behavior, accurately detecting threats and enforcing cloud governance.

“As confidence in cloud grows and organizations trust providers with their most sensitive data, it is more important than ever to emphasize the shared-responsibility model that requires enterprises to secure employee usage and access to data in the cloud,” said Kaushik Narayan, co-founder and CTO, Skyhigh Networks. “Companies struggle to detect cloud security incidents from stolen passwords, internal users and even application administrators, yet these are the threats that pose the greatest risk to corporate data.”

Some of the key findings of the cloud security report include:

Securing the New Systems of Record

Nearly one-fifth of all documents in file sharing and collaboration apps contain sensitive data indicative of critical business operations. Cloud facilitates sharing with business partners, but 9.3 percent of files shared externally contain sensitive data. Five percent of all files are accessible by anyone with a link and 6.2 percent are shared with personal email addresses, indicating companies have not updated security policies to address the sharing capabilities of cloud.

Threats Turned Inside Out

The wide acceptance of cloud applications for critical business use has information security teams worried about what data leaves the cloud rather than focusing only on detecting incoming threats. The average company experiences 23.2 cloud-related security incidents each month, more than half of which originate from malicious or negligent insiders. Employees at the average enterprise generate 2.7 billion cloud activity events per month, leading to 2,542 anomalous events. However, just 23.2 turn out to be threats – a 110:1 ratio from anomalies to actual threats. Security teams widely report inaccurate breach notifications, resulting in alert fatigue and missed incidents. 57.5 percent of companies experienced a threat involving a privileged user, an especially dangerous category of incident given the wide access of application administrators.

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