cyber act of war
President Franklin D. Roosevelt Declares war 1941

When does a Hack become a Cyber Act of War?

U.S. Senators want definitions on exactly constitutes a cyber act of war.  The US and other countries are constantly under a barrage of attacks from “nation-state” hackers looking for intelligence or to create havoc.  When are the attacks considered Cyber Act of War?  And this goes both ways, the US and its allies are also using offensive cyber-attacks – when are those considered Cyber Act of War?

Interesting enough -Cyber criminals are targeting policy groups and nongovernmental organizations to get a leg up on U.S. government strategy, Nation-state hackers, often tied to governments including China or Russia, want advanced intelligence on U.S. policy, they want to know what the thought leaders in the United States are considering, what they’re debating.

Senator Mike Rounds is trying to find clear up what constitutes a cyber act of war in a new bill the was introduced.  The Cyber Act of War Act of 2016 would require the President to develop a policy to determine whether a cyber-attack constitutes an act of war. The bill requires the White House to compare how a cyber-attack may be equivalent to conventional weapons in destruction of causalities when evaluating the attack as an act of war.

“Cyber-attacks on our critical infrastructure are capable of impacting our entire economy and causing significant destruction. This legislation would require the executive branch to define which of these actions constitute a cyber act of war, which would allow our military to be better able to respond to cyber-attacks and deter bad actors from attempting to attack us in the first place,” Senator Rounds said in his May 9 statement.

The bill must first make it through the Senate Armed Services Committee before being considered by the Senate as a whole. The bill comes as attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States are on the rise. The Industrial Control System Cyber Emergency Response Team reported 295 cyber incidents involving critical infrastructure in 2015, that’s compared to 245 in 2014.

cyber act of war
Today’s Cyber-Warriors

Cyber-attack techniques are used by the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State.

The U.S.-led coalition used electronic techniques to disrupt and degrade the jihadist force’s ability to organize and said an unspecified number of other countries could do the same in other conflicts.  “That is why good, strong cyber defenses are essential for us.”

The remarks add more detail to a campaign that has only recently been acknowledged. The conference was also attended by the U.S. Secretaries of Homeland Security and Commerce.

The cabinet secretaries had gathered for a day-long presidential security advisory board meeting that was the first to be held in Silicon Valley since the group’s inception more than 35 years ago.

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