Cybercrime services going for a song online

The cost of cybercrime services has dropped dramatically according to a recent investigation

Want to order cybercrime such as a DDoS attack or a malware kit?  Not Expensive at all! The cost of cybercrime services has dropped dramatically according to a recent investigation into forums and marketplaces on the Dark Web… A team of security engineers from Dell Secure Works tracked individuals on a number of underground forums and marketplaces in the Russian underground and on English-speaking marketplaces, and found some pretty nifty cybercrime prices;

  • The popular Remote Access Trojan (RAT)                       $5 – $10
  • Regular Australian Credit Cards                                      $25
  • Australian premium Visa or MasterCard                          $35
  • Australian bank account with a balance of $62,567        $4,750
  • Hacking a social media account                                     $129
  • DDoS attack per hour                                                   $5
  • DDoS attack per hour per day                                       $50

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Cybercrime cost less than the cost of a week’s groceries!

The sad fact is that you don’t have to be a coding genius to be involved in cybercrime. People can simply shop for a malware kit that makes executing a malware attack about as simple as operating a microwave oven…

For less than the cost of a tablet like the Kindle Fire or the Galaxy Nexus, you can buy the Neutrino Bot malware kit online. For about the same cost as buying a flagship smartphone like the iPhone 5s, you can buy the Betabot Remote Access Trojan. Spending as much as an average 7-day cruise for one person, you can move up to the Stoned Cat Bot mobile malware kit.

2016.04.06 cybercrime is cheap!

The average cost of a data breach for an organization is estimated to be $3.5 million. That data breach can be executed by an attacker with a couple hundred dollars—sitting in his underwear in his living room and checking a few boxes in a malware kit.

This is what businesses and consumers are up against. This is why it is more important than ever to have the right processes and tools in place to protect your network and devices. It is even more imperative to educate users and maintain awareness of security trends and emerging attacks.

If an attacker can spend as little as $200 to execute an attack that could cost your organization $3.5 million, you’d better put some very serious consideration into how much you want to invest in defending against that attack.

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