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Hot cyber security topics: Ransomware, virtualization and cloud

InfoSecurity Europe 2016 kicked off yesterday at London’s Olympia for the 21st edition of the event

This year, the largest cyber security event on the continent, InfoSecurity Europe, will feature over 160 hours of sessions with over 260 renowned thought-leading speakers presenting in eight conference theaters.

InfoSecurity Europe 2016 will see more companies exhibit than ever before at Olympia, London, including three times more new exhibitors than in 2015. Interesting for us here, the – European Security Blogger Awards, celebrating the best use of social media in the information security industry, will be held during Infosecurity Europe today, June 8th at 17:00 in the Pillar Hall.

Security professionals, service providers, vendors and thought-leaders from across the globe flooded the halls Infosec’s event. All here for the unrivaled opportunity to network, engage and conduct business with the industry’s finest.

 Risk, resilience and operational security…

Kicking things off on the Keynote Stage was renowned explorer, photographer and writer Levison Wood. Levison gave an engaging session that offered a fresh outlook on risk and a new way of looking at the information security challenges we all face.

Key Points: Take the concepts of risk resilience in operational security and apply to your own industry.

  1. It’s good to embrace risk and look it in the eye
  2. Take the risk to a strategic level
  3. Create a detailed response plan to the risks

vA highlight was this afternoon’s session with Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. Mikko’s session proved particularly popular and gave the packed audience great insight in ‘Profiling the Connected Cyber-criminal’.

Mikko hunts hackers for a living… He works hard a profiling the connected cyber-criminal. He tries to understand who are we fighting? Where are the attacks coming from? And why??

He also presents that there is a massive shift in the way governments treat cyber-attacks.  They are cyber militaries now. Countries that are just getting out of the Nuclear arms race and the cold war – have a new war zone and war type. The CYBER ARMS RACE. Cyber arms are sort of perfect – effective, affordable, and deniable…that is great for militaries and that is why we see so much action in this area.

There are of course an abundance of exhibitors, one one featured particularly for us today was Forcepoint – Forcepoint Analyst Carl Leonard explained that they are a merger between three companies – Websense and Stonesoft – They have solutions to protect from insider threats, and external attackers. Furthermore, they enable businesses to work with transformative technologies such as cloud, mobility of roaming users, and in a simple way with a consolidated platform.

More to come tomorrow…with two very secure action-packed days to come!

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