Infosecurity Europe
Infosecurity Europe 2017 London Olympia was well worth the trip

Apart from the lousy weather, which one should always expect in London, Infosecurity Europe was a roaring success

Sidebar – The EMI team arrived in London early this week in anticipation of Infosecurity Europe.  We arrive in time for the tragic events on London Bridge and Borough Market, none of our team were in the area, but our condolences and best wishes go out those people that were.  Just a tragic waste of life!

As previously mentioned, the capital put on a rather spectacular weather show for Infosecurity Europe visitors this year.  Dry just long enough to fool you into going out of the hotel without a coat!  The queues this year were quite unusual, I expect this was due to the heightened security and bag checks.  I would just suggest to the organizers that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to make people queue in the rain.

Once inside, things brightened up quite a bit.  Infosecurity Europe is by far the biggest cyber security related show in Europe and it is a very well put together event at that.

Infosecurity EuropeThe conference was split into several streams, alongside the keynote stage.  The streams included strategy talks, tech talks and vendor-run workshops.  There were many interesting sessions, one I particularly enjoyed was delivered by Damase Tricart from Bitdefener. Damase discussed how to protect virtual containers and hybrid infrastructure, he then went on to demonstrate agentless anti- malware that leverages the pooled nature of virtualization by implementing low-impact security with minimal resource.  Rather enjoyable presentation.

In addition to the action on stage, we had many notable discussions with some very interesting folks in vendor-land.  Here are just a few vendors we managed to catch up with.

Cato Networks are doing some fascinating, pioneering work in the SD-WAN space, rolling connectivity and security into a single, virtual socket.  Time to dump your appliances now.  If anyone has a doubt that SD-WAN is the future of enterprise networking and security, they ahsoul take a closer look at Cato!

CyberInt have a very different and exciting value proposition, simply put, they mitigate cybersecurity threats before they become cybersecurity events. They are the “Oracle” of cyber security (the old one at Delphi, not the Larry Ellison one), they combined detailed threat intelligence along with testing and protection focused on the business risk.

Panaseer –   this is where BIG DAT meets cyber security, where complexity meets simplicity.  A bunch of data scientist that are crunching the numbers to help CISOs simplify and automate how they identify, measure, communicate and mitigate risk. They collect everything, and I mean everything, but they deliver only actionable insights to each level of decision makers.  Worth having a closer look at, this market will be BIG

Infosecurity Europe & GDPR

If there was one star of the show, that is beyond the ever present “next-generation endpoint security” is had to be GDPR.  It was everywhere.  I you live in a bubble or simply outside of the EU, then here is what you need to know:

The General Data Protection (GDPR) regulation is an evolution of the exiting uniform data protection law across the EU.  There are new requirements for documenting IT procedures, performing risk assessments, rules on breach notifications and more. The aim of the regulation is to enforce a single European law for data protection and regulation and the right for personal data protection.

The deadline for GDPR is May, 2018 and the regulations apply not only to EU-based companies, but any company that collects data of EU citizens, regardless of their physical presence in the country.

To quote one GDPR expert we spoke too, it seems to be 90% process and 10% security, but I guess that’s what make the European Union so special.  Either way, there was literally a frenzy around GDPR at this year’s Infosecurity Europe.

There was plenty more going on, but to be honest, we are so exhausted after three solid days that this is it for now.  We will no doubt be posting more thoughts on the event and our strength and wits return.  Signing off from sunny London! Yes it’s now sunny, but wait five minutes!

Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst, EMI

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