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Presidential Commission Details 16 Cyber Security Recommendations

The presidential commission on enhancing national cyber security outlined action on urgent cyber security issues

Washington (AP) ” A presidential commission on Friday made 16 urgent recommendations to improve the nation’s cybersecurity, including creating a nutritional-type label to help consumers shop wisely and appointing a new international ambassador on the subject.”  The Commissioners organized their urgent cyber security findings into six major imperatives, which together contain a total of 16 recommendations and 53 associated action items.  Take a deep breath… and…hold it.

 The urgent cyber security imperatives are:

  1. Protect, defend, and secure today’s information infrastructure and digital networks.
  2. Innovate and accelerate investment for the security and growth of digital networks and the digital economy.
  3. Prepare consumers to thrive in a digital age.
  4. Build cyber security workforce capabilities.
  5. Better equip government to function effectively and securely in the digital age.
  6. Ensure an open, fair, competitive, and secure global digital economy

The release of the 100-page report follows the worst hacking of U.S. government systems in history and accusations by the Obama administration that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election by hacking Democrats.

From the report exec summary: The interconnectedness and openness made possible by the Internet and broader digital ecosystem create unparalleled value for society. But these same qualities make securing today’s cyber landscape difficult. As the world becomes more immersed in and dependent on the information revolution, the pace of intrusions, disruptions, manipulations, and thefts also quickens. Technological advancement is outpacing security and will continue to do so unless we change how we approach and implement cybersecurity strategies and practices. Recent attacks in which everyday consumer devices were compromised for malicious use have made it abundantly clear that we now live in a much more interdependent world.

“The once-bright line between what is critical infrastructure and everything else becomes more blurred by the day.”

Action item 5.4.1 states the President should appoint and empower an Assistant to the President for Cybersecurity, reporting through the National Security Advisor, to lead national cybersecurity policy and coordinate implementation of cyber protection programs.

Recommendation 1.3 suggests that the oncoming Trump Administration should launch a national public–private initiative to achieve major security and privacy improvements by increasing the use of strong authentication to improve identity management.

urgent cyber security“Strong identity management is key to much of what we do in the digital economy. In 2004, an industry leader predicted the demise of the traditional password because it cannot “meet the challenge” of keeping critical information secure. His analysis was right; yet we still rely on username and password as the most common form of identification and authentication. In doing so, we are making it far too easy for malicious actors to steal identities or impersonate someone online.”

Full Report [Here] More [HeraldNews/AP]

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